A-Z - Shed Spiel

 A-Z of everything you need to know about our products. If there is anything missing from our list please contact us at,  customerservices@woodpeckersheds.co.uk

Acrylic Windows

Acrylic windows are standard with the majority of our sheds. It is an ideal option for garden sheds and potting sheds. Acrylic glazing sheets have clearer optical properties than glass, so it is able to allow more sunlight into your shed.

Apex Roof

An Apex Roof has two slopes that meet in the middle of a roof at its highest point. The sloped edges on each side make it very easy for water to run straight off, protecting the roof from any water damage.

Eaves Height

For the purpose of measuring height, the eaves of a house are the point where the lowest point of a roof slope, or a flat roof.


A shed finial is the decorative piece / ornament that goes at the top / end of the shed roof, emphasising the gable end or apex.

Floor Joists 

Floor joists on a garden shed are the pieces of framing under the floor boards which the floor boards are nailed too. They ensure the floor boards do not sit straight on the base allowing air to circulate under the floor. 


Shed framing is the timber which creates the structure of a garden shed. Each panel is manufactured where the framing is assembled first and then tongue and groove cladding is nailed to the framing. 


Galvanised is a coat with a protective layer of zinc in order to protect it from rust and other damage.  

Loglap Cladding

Loglap cladding is still tongue and groove but, rather than a flat finish to each cladding board, each board has a curved finish. We use 19mm Loglap on all our Summer Houses and Garden Buildings as standard. 

Pent Roof

pent roof has a single slope that creates an incline, with its highest point being the full length of one side.


European Redwood, also known as Scots Pine, Pinus Sylvestris or Scandinavian Redwood, is a very popular softwood specie that is known for its premium quality. The timber is imported from privately owned forests with FSC or PEFC Certification in Scandinavia and Russia.

Roof Felt

Roofing felt is essential for sheds to protect the timber on the roof and the shed against any water. It is often coated or saturated with a protective coating such as bitumen (asphalt), which repels water but still allows the product to breathe. All our products are prepared for the wet South Wales Weather. 

Shiplap Cladding

Shiplap cladding is mostly used on our sheds. It is a type of tongue and groove cladding. Shiplap has a small scooped out surface at the top of each board. This little channel, allows water to run off the shed quicker than normal tongue and groove. This also helps the shed dry quickly after exposure to rain, helping to protect it from any water damage.

Tongue and Groove Cladding (T&G)

Tongue and groove cladding is where each board has a ‘tongue’ which locks into the ‘groove’ of the board above it. Due to the boards connecting, tongue and groove sheds last much longer and are far stronger. We use T&G throughout the floor, walls and roof for most of our builds to ensure strength.

Toughened Glass

Tempered or toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. We use toughened glass on all summer houses and offer it as an upgrade on our sheds.