Tips for Maintaining your Shed

A shed is a very integral part of the garden. But it’s important to take care of your shed if you want to prolong it. In order to keep it healthy it does require constant care to ensure your sheds longevity. 

The Roof

The roof will probably require the most attention and you should monitor the roof yearly. You should be quick to remove any leaves or debris as soon as possible, and check that the felt pins are still secure without any rips or tears. To ensure your shed is protected from rainfall, we suggest you look to change your roof at most, every 5 years.

The Timber

This is particularly important during the colder seasons, as the weather can have a serious effect on the shed, especially in South Wales. You should ideally look to treat your shed every twelve months. It is advised that you treat your shed before the start of the autumn months when the weather gets colder.

At Woodpecker Sheds we treat all our sheds, summer houses and garden buildings with a preservative to help prevent wood rot and decay. We also sell preservative at our Unit in Swansea, that comes in a variety of stains & colours. 

Door & Window Maintenance

Wood is a natural product, it expands and shrinks as we go throughout the seasons. This can cause the doors and windows to stick or become difficult to open. The best way to reduce this movement within the wood is to fully treat the building with preservative as explained above as this will limit the movement within the wood and therefore vastly reduce these effects. Sometimes though little adjustments need to be made in the doors and windows for them to open freely. This can be by slight hinge or lock adjustments which can be done with your standard tools.

Lubricating the Hinges

This is one of the weakest areas on the shed, so you should take extra care. The hinges can seize up after a while so you should keep them well lubricated just to make sure you don’t run into issues. 


Every now and then it’s worth giving the inside of your shed a clean out. Certain things like bikes or golf clubs can soak up moisture, and over time that can be very damaging to your shed. This is also a good time to check that the shed still has a good amount of ventilation underneath, otherwise this can lead to a buildup of damp and mould that can have affect on the timber.

Be Wary of Nearby Trees or Plants

You should make sure that there aren’t any trees or plants left in contact with the shed. This can affect the airflow, which aids the timber to dry out after rainfall. Which is quite common in South Wales. Another risk with trees is the overhang and branches. Damages to the roof may occur, so make sure to keep the area clear.